Industrial building for Sale in Siniscola


Reference 10414
Price 886.896 €
Typology Industrial building
Contract vendita
City Siniscola
Sq.m. 3.506
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

For sale portion of a factory located in Siniscola (NU), an industrial area, accessible by a subdivision road joined to the Provincial Road 45. The context is peripheral, well connected to the nearby urban centers. The factory stands on a plot of 37580 square meters, fenced and regular in shape, with an entrance overlooking the consortium road. Built between 1999 and 2001 for the production of yarn. Prefabricated load-bearing structure, modular prefabricated infill walls and roofing, partly shed and partly flat, with opaque and transparent elements. Systems connected to the consortium network. Factory disused since 2018, partly still rented. Electrical system for the driving force partially disassembled, with electrical panels of the various sectors sold such as the equipment in the past.The plant has been divided into six autonomous portions, of which five share the driveway external courtyard and the technical rooms (fire-fighting plant, electrical substation), in addition to the building land on the south side. The division of the internal portions of the factory must be completed by closing the communicating doors between the various rooms.PORTION 6 (SUB 10) on two levels: ground floor and first. Shed with laboratory, services and roof. Offices on the first floor. Internal height of about 7.00 meters. Accesses driveways on the free sides. Sidewalk portion adjacent to the external walls included. Free and in a good state of maintenance. Movable goods excluded from sale.Commercial area: 3506.75 m2PORTION 6 - FRACTIONAL OPIFICIOShed (NCEU): Sheet 67 - Particle 682 - Subordinate 10 - D / 1Courtyard (NCEU): Sheet 67 - Particle 682 - Subordinate 11 - BCNCFor more information consult the ORIGINAL ESTIMATE (Lot 1)Portion 6 identified in the FRACTIONATION as Lot 6